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ISSUE 20 | MAY 2021

Featured Article

Applying a Social Justice and Trauma-informed Lens to Animal Welfare Considerations

An interdisciplinary approach to animal welfare has the potential to improve outcomes not solely for the animals, but also for the humans with whom they share their lives. Through exploration of macro level global initiatives involving…

By Heather White, LMSW

Building Resilience Through Rapport with Recovery Markers

The question I present here is What might the veterinary or behavior team do to increase an individual animal’s ability to quickly recover and move on from singular events we…


Horse & Halo: Caring for Horses at the End of Their Owners’ Lives

Horse & Halo is a facility that boards horses on behalf of individuals who currently suffer or have died from cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. These are horse folks of…

By Mandie Stuhan

Deaf dogs: A Unique Communication

How can deaf dogs understand humans? We all know that the process of domesticating dogs has made them develop a unique ability to read our gestures and body postures, to…

By Carolina Jardim

Foundation research

The MuttMix Project

The MuttMix Project survey has come to a close and we received an astounding 34,969 accounts created and 10,204 actual surveys completed for all 31 dogs! This gave us 432,743 questions answered from the participants! In our first pass through these results, we’ve made interesting observations across our 31 mutts and many participants.

The breeds guessed most frequently by participants were Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever, Beagle, and Border Collie, respectively.