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When Extra Sweet Turns Sour: Supporting Cats with Behavior Changes Related to Feline Diabetes

Diabetes in cats is not uncommon, and can be managed with the appropriate veterinary care. There are, however, often some challenging behaviors that accompany a cat’s experience of the symptoms…

By T Hamboyan Harrison, CCBC, ACSB-C, FFCP

The Ethics of Using Dominance-Based Training Within the Equine Leisure Industry: Part 1

The first of a three-part series examining the ethics of dominance-based training techniques like “Natural Horsemanship.” This part looks at the prevalence of these techniques and delves into some of…

By Alice Campbell, MSc, BSc, CEBC

The Effects of Saddle Fit on Horse Behaviour: Insights from Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is a relatively new technology that can be used alongside behavioral observation to determine whether a horse is likely to be experiencing pain. It it particularly well-suited to…

By Joanna Lepiarczyk

Enrichment Involving Human Interaction Saves Lives

The transition into an animal shelter is a stressful event for an animal, regardless of their previous life circumstances. Stress is linked to many difficulties, including failing to pass a…

By Regina Willen, MS, CDBC, ACAAB