Howdy, y’all, and a big southern hospitality welcome to the IAABC FOUNDATION ANIMAL BEHAVIOR CONFERENCE, May 4-7, 2023 in Space City, Houston, Texas!

“3-2-1…Houston, we are ready for take-off!”  At the Royal Sonesta Houston, we’ve roped in a FANTASTIC speaker line-up for you:

  • Dr. Kristina Spaulding
  • Dr. Amy Learn
  • Michael Shikashio
  • Tabitha Kucera
  • Chirag Patel
  • Dante Camacho
  • Dr. Mikel Delgado
  • Jim Crosby
  • Dr. Denise Johnson
  • Dr. Amy Pike
  • Catja Pedersen
  • Dr. Lore Haug
  • Justine Harrison
  • Trudi Dempsey
  • Melissa Taylor
  • Gabrielle Johnson
  • Kayla Fratt
  • Dr. Robin Foster
  • Dr. Blake Gibson
  • Kristen Collins
  • Kiki Yablon
  • Dilara Göksel-Parry
  • Dr. Patricia Barlow-Irick
  • Andre Yeu
  • Jennifer Cattet PhD
  • Shawna Karrasch









Are y’all ready for an experience as big as Texas?

Get into the grits and gravy with the experts, served up with fresh perspectives on today’s animal behavior science research, challenges, and best practices.

Come on down to H-Town to rough and tumble with us, behavior consultants, animal trainers, veterinary practitioners, shelter/rescue staff and volunteers, working animal professionals, and all!  Everyone is welcome in the international, metropolitan city of Houston, the 4th largest city in the U.S.!

Launch into 2023 in style!

Off-site workshops and events! Individual and joint-speaking engagements!

Breakfast Light Bites networking experiences!

Lunch panel discussions, cross-species and cross-industry!

Experience Houston with old colleagues and new friends!

Stay tuned for the “BIG TO-DO” list forthcoming, where our local folks will share where to enjoy your evenings in H-Town! Dip into Houston’s vast array of international cuisines at every corner. Take advantage of Houston’s massive Bayou City arts, music, and culture. Kick your boots on and venture to the nearest honky tonk bar, start exercising your vocal cords (“Yee-haw!”) for the dueling pianos, or bring your favorite team’s jersey to tackle Houston’s sports bar scene. Whatever you enjoy, adventure awaits you on the Houston horizon.

Our team of staff and volunteers at the IAABC Foundation want to thank you for supporting our Mission to Space City, Houston!


See y’all soon!