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ISSUE 27 | JUNE 2023

Featured Article

Helping Dogs and Their People Be More Active, Together!

Discover the Secrets to a Healthier, Happier Life for You and Your Canine Companion! Dr. Jenny Bond’s insightful article explores the importance of physical activity for dogs and humans, offering practical solutions to empower…

By Dr. Jenny Bond, PhD

Case Study: Excessive Vocalization in a Cat

In this intriguing case study, Kate Luse, a certified cat behavior consultant, delves into the challenging issue of excessive vocalization in a cat named Eevee. With dedication and a three-part behavior/environmental modification plan…

By Kate Luse, CCBC

Unrealistic Breed Expectations: Approaching Breed-Based Conversations with Clients amid Paradigm Shifts

In Samantha Robinson-Adams’ article, she explores the intricate relationship between breed-based expectations and dog behavior, emphasizing the need for trainers to consider both breed standards and individual variations when working with clients.

By Samantha Robinson-Adams

Recognising Signs of Pain in Horses: A Checklist for Horse Owners and Caregivers

In this insightful article by Sarah Johnson, she explores the importance of recognizing signs of pain in horses. By using a comprehensive checklist and observation-based record, horse owners and caregivers can better understand…

By Sarah Johnson