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Speakers & Topics

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An Introspective on Inclusionary Behaviors: Using our behavior science superpowers to inspire future generations

Dr. Lore Haug DACVB, CABC

  • Equine Trailer Loading: Ladybugs and stink beetles
  • Intersections of Operant and Pavlovian Conditioning

Jim Crosby MS

  • Fatal Dog Attacks
  • Evaluations That Stand Up In Court

Chirag Patel BSc (Hons), CPDT-KA, DipCABT

  • Shelter Case Study: Developing the Handling Protocol of an “Unhandleable” Dog from Start to Finish
  • When Little Details Make a Big Difference: Nervous puppy socialization case studies

Patricia Barlow-Irick PhD

  • The Value of Trust: Protecting trust during the capture and handling of wild horses

Kristen Collins MS, ACAAB

  • Getting Down to the Details in Behavioral Rehabilitation of Extremely Fearful Dogs: Research, program growth, and cool discoveries

Catja Pedersen

  • Shaping: From banned to planned

Jennifer Cattet PhD

  • Medical Alert Service Dogs: Scent training to save lives
  • The Human-Dog Bond and Mental Health: Healing our minds through R+

Dilara Göksel-Parry CCBC

  • Out of the Cage: Working with cats in a cage-free shelter
  • “Help, I’m scared of my cat!”

Justine Harrison CHBC, ABTC-AAB

  • Resolving Aggressive Behavior in Horses
  • “Who Are You and Why Should I Care?”: An introduction to branding and marketing your behavior business

Tarah Cornelius

  • Cross-Cultural Zoo Collaborations: The Houston Zoo goes to China

Kiki Yablon MA, KPA CTP, KPA Faculty, CPDT-KA

  • Loose Leash Walking: The dance dissected
  • Barking for a Reason: How assessing the function of barking can enable creative and custom-fit solutions


  • From Wingin’ It to Winning It: Master the art of business strategy
  • Team Building 101: How to assemble a Super Squad and take over the world (or at least your market)

Melissa Taylor CBCC-KA, CSB-C

  • Fraidy Cats: Then and now
  • Helper Animals Assist in Social Learning: Working with fearful cats and dogs

Trudi Dempsey CHBC, ABTC-AAB

  • Beyond the Click: Shaping food delivery
  • Introducing Feral Horses to R+ Based Training in the Shelter Environment

Michael Shikashio CDBC

  • Aggression from Every Angle: A multidisciplinary approach

Dr. Denise Johnson DVM, CCBC, Elite FFCP

  • A LIMA Approach to Problematic Scratching
  • The Wide World of House-Soiling from the Prescriber’s Perspective
  • “Do We Have a Drug Problem?”: Troubleshooting psychopharmacology as a consultant or trainer

Dr. Amy Pike DACVB, CABC

  • Pain and GI Disease and Their Contributions to Behavior

Mikel Delgado PhD

  • A Serious Game: Understanding cats’ predatory and play behavior
  • Thinking Outside the Bowl: How to feed cats

Gabrielle Johnson BS, CDBC, CPDT-KA

  • The Myth of Non-Compliance

Dr. Blake Gibson DVM

  • The Neurobiology of Stress: Effects on behavior and development
  • The Effects of Chronic Inflammatory or Itchy Skin Disease on Behavior

Dante Camacho

  • The Importance of Rehearsing Behavior Patterns and the Principle of Guidance: Reactivity in tough environments when management is not enough

Dr. Robin Foster PhD, CAAB, CHBC

  • Improving Job Satisfaction and Reducing Burn-Out in Working and Service Horses
  • Getting Back with the Horse: Working with clients after a traumatic event

Dr. Robert Trevino

  • A Behavior Case Study in Shelter Medicine: T-Rex, 65 million years in the making

Tabitha Kucera CCBC, RVT, KPA-CTP, Elite FFCP

  • When the Fur Flies: Inter-cat aggression
  • It Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Recognizing chronic pain in cats

Kayla Fratt CDBC

  • Assessing Adult Shelter Dogs for Working Dog Potential
  • Using DRA and Extinction to Reduce False Alerts in Conservation Detection Dogs, Part 1: Research
  • Using DRA and Extinction to Reduce False Alerts in Conservation Detection Dogs, Part 2: Case study

Multi-Speaker Presentations

Dilara Göksel-Parry CCBC & Mikel Delgado PhD

Cats in Context: Working with cats in shelters and homes

Dr. Kristina Spaulding CAAB & Dr. Amy Pike DACVB, CDBC

The Future of Behavior Modification

Dilara Göksel-Parry CCBC & Michael Shikashio CDBC

Cat Meets Dog: How to set both species up for success

Dr. Amy Learn DACVB & Gabrielle Johnson BS, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Collaborative Casework between Veterinary Behaviorists and Independent Behavior Consultants

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