“I’d love to be a sponsor or vendor!”

Why be a sponsor at the IAABC Foundation Animal Behavior Conference?

  • We have a lineup of world-class speakers from around the globe.
  • Speakers will raise industry expectations, presenting cutting edge science and practical concepts and skills for immediate application.
  • Already brilliant and enthusiastic, our attendees will elevate their thinking and make strides in their professional efficiency and outreach potential.
  • Our education outreach spans across species and industry, bringing communities together: dog, cat, horse, shelter/rescue, working animal, veterinary medicine, and professional development/business.

Interested in sponsoring or being a vendor at the IAABC Foundation Animal Behavior Conference? Contact Michelle Mullins for more information – we would love to partner with you!

IAABC Foundation sponsors and vendors are treated as family and are an integral part of each event, start to finish.


Once the IAABC Foundation conference guests are aware of a product or service, all of our colleagues, clients, family, and friends are, too!  Our social media and in-person network cast a wide net!


IAABC Foundation vendors and sponsors share our vision of quality and of effective positive reinforcement-based education in our work with all species. By supporting the IAABC Foundation, you’re investing in industry-wide scientific advancement and excellence.


Vendors and sponsors share coffee and cocktails, dreams and ideas with our attendees. It’s common to see industry leaders, educators, guests and speakers enjoying time together at our venues. Join us for four days in a diverse and inclusive environment, learning animal behavior science and enhancing our training and consulting skills, networking and community-building!