Animal Behavior Consulting: Principles & Practice

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Course Begins: January 24, 2022

Duration: 12 weeks

Instructor: Renée Hall, BA, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Course type: Instructed Course

Online Weekly Meetings (1 hour) take place on Mondays at 8pm Eastern (first meeting is on January 31st). Week 7 is a 2 hour meeting.


The IAABC Animal Behavior Consulting Principles & Practice Course is a unique twelve-week, a multi-module course providing a comprehensive overview of the many facets of animal behavior consulting for all species. The course is appropriate for experienced behavior consultants and practitioners as well as those newer to the field with a strong interest in animal behavior. The course features weekly online meetings with a Course Mentor discussing each learning module.


New Registration options:

  • Principles & Practice PLUS includes professional review and direct feedback/recommendations on the Functional Assessment and Intervention Design (FAID) assignment from experts in the field.
  • Our regular Principles & Practice option still includes weekly mentor meetings, but no FAID review is included.

Course Highlights

  • 27 renowned experts in the field
  • a comprehensive overview of Animal Behavior Consulting for all species
  • the only course to cover all facets of Animal Behavior Consulting
  • weekly online Mentor Meetings for ongoing support and further learning



Presenters include:

Dr. Mary Burch; Dr. Dan Estep; Dr. Susan Friedman; Dr. Lore Haug; Dr. Suzanne Hetts; Dr. Karen Overall; Dr. Chris Pachel; Chirag Patel; Ken Ramirez; Kathy Sdao; Mychelle Blake; Veronica Boutelle; Kristin Buller, LSCW; Brian Burton; Steve Dale; Dr. Sheila D’Arpino; Jessica Dolce; Gail Fisher; Sarah Fraser; Dr. Evon Hekkala; Dr. Jessica Hekman; Dr. Elinor Karlsson; Theresa McKeon; Gina Phairas; Randi Rossman; Dr. Rise VanFleet; Miranda Workman


Topics covered include:

Learning Science; Applied Behavior Analysis; Functional Analysis and Intervention Design; Biology; Ethology; Genetics; Marker Training; Case Studies; Desensitization and Counter Conditioning; Program Management; Behavioral Medicine; LIMA Practices; TAGteach; Business Promotion and Social Media Strategies; Interpreting Scientific Studies; the Human Side of the Equation; Sheltering, Fostering and Enrichment; Animal Welfare Science; Compassion Fatigue

• How Dogs Learn by Drs. Burch & Bailey (this is not just for dogs!)
• How 2 Train A ______ by Dr. Patricia Barlow-Irick


Principles & Practice discount code at is IAABC10

This twelve-week course will begin on the specified start date and includes 12 weekly online meetings. All meetings are one hour in length with the exception of Week 7 which is a two hour meeting. Students will have access to the course for 1 year from the date of their most recent IAABC Foundation purchase.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Full Student:

CEUs: CCPDT: 30; IAABC, KPA: 36; RACE: 36/43 (P&P/P&P PLUS)

Member Cost: IAABC & KPA: P&P- $1870 *; P&P PLUS- $2125 *

Non- Member Cost: P&P- $2200 **; P&P PLUS- $2500



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Non- Member Cost:

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*KPA Members - contact KPA for the discount code
**Non-Member P&P discount code (NO Plus option) - P2046979505

Instructor: Renée Hall, BA, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Renée Hall is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the IAABC and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. Renée’s formal education includes a BA in Psychology & Biology, and Masters work in Education and Business Management. Renée’s first career was in Business Management and changed to dog training 15 years ago.


Renée has spent a lifetime involved and working with animals. She has worked as a Veterinary Assistant, in wild animal rescue (rehab and release), volunteering in rescue and currently owns Let’s Speak Dog Training & Sports Studio. LSDS currently employs 6 trainers with course offerings for the family pet or the dog sports enthusiast. Renée currently manages the business, teaches group classes and provides Behavior Consulting services. She works with and volunteers for a variety of rescue groups in the Lehigh Valley and is currently working on developing a Behavior Department for a larger rescue in her area.


Professional Affiliations: Board of Directors, IAABC, Board of Directors, NATE, Competition Committee Chair, NATE, APDT professional member, Dogs & Storks, licensed presenter, licensed Judge for WCRL Rally and CDSP Obedience, Mentor P&P course, IAABC


Renée lives with 4 golden retrievers and 2 rescue cats and enjoys playing sports with her dogs, training her newest cat, hiking, learning anything new and just hanging out with the crew.