Enrichment for Snakes and Other Reptiles

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Course Begins: At Purchase

Duration: 2 Hours

Instructor: Lori Torrini

Course type: Webinar

Think reptiles are boring pets? Think again!

Snakes and other reptiles can benefit from environments that provide them opportunities for physical and mental enrichment. This webinar will show you how enrichment and enriched environments differ, the benefits of an enriched environment for reptiles, and how to add enrichment in a species-appropriate manner.

This webinar will help you:


  • Explain benefits of various types of enrichment
  • Identify effective and species-appropriate enrichment practices
  • Incorporate enrichment into your work with your own or client’s reptiles
  • Assess the impact of an enrichment program
  • Support future clients using new and refined strategies

No materials needed for this course.

This is a self-study class that will begin upon payment.

Students will have access to the course for 1 year from the date of your most recent IAABC Foundation purchase.

Full Student:

CEUs: CCPDT, KPA (2.0); IAABC (1.5)

Cost: $30.00




Instructor: Lori Torrini

Lori Torrini is a certified professional trainer through CCPDT and Fear Free Pets. She has an associate of applied science degree in zookeeping, a certificate in animal shelter behavior management, and a certificate in applied animal behavior from the University of Washington. She is a graduate of Dr. Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals course, the AZA Training Applications in Zoos and Aquariums course, and the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Academy Animal Welfare Professionals course.

Lori has worked with animals professionally since 1991 as an animal trainer, veterinary assistant, animal emergency responder, horseback riding instructor, and as a keeper/caretaker. She works with many species but has a special interest in snake training and behavior, which has been the focus of her work since 2018.

Lori presented a paper and lecture at the 2022 Animal Behavior Management Alliance international conference on the use of targeting to accomplish cooperative care behaviors in snakes to include stationing on a scale, holding in position for a veterinary exam, and microchip implantation with no restraint. Also in 2022, Lori and her co-authors published a paper in the journal Animals on Using Classical and Operant Conditioning to Train a Shifting Behavior in Juvenile False Water Cobras (Hydrodynastes gigas).

Lori has published articles for the IAABC Journal including Training Snakes to Voluntarily Relocate, Enrichment for Snakes and other Reptiles, and Potential Neural Consequences for Snakes Under Captive Management.

Lori is currently the director of Spirit Keeper Animal Sanctuary 501c3 in Colorado, and the owner of Behavior Education LLC where she does private coaching, animal training, behavior consulting, and teaches courses on snake training and behavior.