Feather Damaging Behavior

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Duration: 50 Minutes

Instructor: Pamela Clark, CVT

Course type: Webinar

Feather damaging behavior, FDB, is one of the most complex and often misunderstood problem behaviors in companion parrots. It’s sadly also one of the most common ones. In this presentation we will take a closer look at what FDB is; how the topography of the behavior can differ, possible causes, species differences and treatments. We’ll also talk about why cook-book solutions such as ‘they need more toys!’ can sometimes do a lot more harm than good. This one hour webinar covers the fundamentals of understanding this behavior and discusses real life cases.

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Cost: $20

Instructor: Pamela Clark, CVT

Pamela Clark, CVT is a well-known author, speaker, and parrot behavior consultant whose experience with parrots dates back 40 years to the purchase of her first pair of lovebirds. Her knowledge extends to a wide range of parrot species and has been gained through experiences as diverse as breeding to rescue and rehabilitation. Pam has also trained parrots in behaviors as complex as that of free flight outdoors.

Her particular areas of special interest include feather destructive behavior, training, flight and nutrition. As a parrot behavior consultant, Pam’s approach is uniquely comprehensive, coupling improvements in husbandry and nutrition with the most positive and most effective behavior modification strategies. She consults with clients throughout the United States, and as far away as Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and India.

Pam’s articles have appeared in the Grey Play Round Table, Companion Parrot Quarterly, Bird Talk magazine, Birds USA, Parrots magazine, Good Bird magazine and the Holistic Bird Newsletter and have been translated into several foreign languages. Pam also works as a veterinary technician for an avian specialist, Dr. Richard Hillmer of Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic & Bird Hospital in Salem, Oregon. In addition, she serves as co-instructor, along with Susan Friedman, PhD, teaching parrot behavior consulting for The Companion Animal Sciences Institute (www.casinstitute.com). She is also on the panel of experts for the World Parrot Trust (www.worldparrottrust.org).

Pam lives in Dallas, Oregon with a mixed flock of 10 companion parrots, a dog and two cats.