Feline Behavior Solutions: Teaching Foundation Behaviors for Modifying Behavior

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Course Begins: May 1, 2023

Duration: 5 weeks

Instructor: Katenna Jones, ACAAB, CCBC

Course type: Instructed Course

Modification of any problematic or unwanted behavior requires mechanical skill, knowledge of species-specific behavior, and experience with a variety of strategies and techniques. This course will provide opportunities for anyone who works with cats to gain all of that, and more. Each of the five weeks is packed with information that can be directly and immediately applied to a variety of cat behavior cases, from aggression to anxiety and from fighting to fear.


This course was created for cat behavior consultants who are looking to take on more advanced cases, or cat lovers simply looking to teach cats specific skills. Content is relevant to anyone who works with cats in a professional, volunteer, or personal capacity.

Things you’ll need for the course:

  • Access to at least one cat* throughout the duration of the course that is:
    • social and friendly
    • has not been previously, formally trained
    • is food, touch, praise, or toy motivated
  • Ability to record, trim, and upload videos with audio of cat training sessions
  • Clicker (iClick recommended)
  • Target stick (to be discussed in week 1, can be made or purchased)
  • Cat rewards (to be discussed in week 1)

*Access to multiple cats is recommended as a “backup” in case your primary isn’t feeling well or isn’t in the mood to train


To receive CEUs and/or a certificate of completion, Full Students must:

  • Review the recorded lectures
  • Complete homework

Full Students should expect to spend an average of 3-5 hours per week on the course depending on the week’s materials.


To receive CEUs and/or a certificate of achievement, Auditors must:

  • Review the recorded lectures

Students will have access to the course material for 1 year from the date of their most recent IAABC Foundation purchase.

Week 1 - Tools, Techniques, and Targets

We begin this course with a review of various tools, techniques, and tips that can be useful when addressing feline behavior problems.

Week 2 - Improving Mechanical Skill

This week students will learn about setting criteria, adjusting rates of reinforcement, assessing progress, DRI/DRO/DRA, and more.

Week 3 - Building Toward Useful Behaviors

This week, students will learn how to take target training to the next level and begin teaching cats skills that can be applied to the real world.

Week 4 - Achieving Fluency

This week, students will learn to assist their cats in becoming fluent in the behaviors they have been working on throughout this course.

Week 5 - Critical Self-Assessment

This week, students will critically self-assess their work throughout this course to identify where they excelled, where they succeeded, and where they could have been done better.


  • Understanding of and ability to effectively marker train (any species)
  • Understanding of and ability to effectively train “target” or “touch” (any species)

* Experience with cats not required

Full Student:

CEUs: 9.5 (CCPDT); 12.5 (IAABC, KPA)

Member Cost: $320 *

Non- Member Cost: $355



Member Cost: $195 *

Non- Member Cost: $215 **

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** Non-Member Auditor Coupon Code: AUDITOR

Cancellation Policy: We will refund 90% up to 30 days pre-event. A 50% refund will be available up to 15 days pre-event. After these deadlines, no refunds will be issued.

Instructor: Katenna Jones, ACAAB, CCBC

Through her business Jones Animal Behavior, Katenna Jones provides private dog and cat behavior consulting services, group classes, and seminars at both local and national events. Katenna is the former Director of Educational Programs for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Animal Behaviorist for the American Humane Association, and Behaviorist and Investigator for the RISPCA.


She has been involved in animal sheltering and rescue since 2000, is a disaster responder, is author of Fetching the Perfect Dog Trainer: Getting the Best for You and Your Dog and has contributed to numerous local and national publications.


Katenna earned her Master’s from Brown University where she studied animal behavior, learning and cognition. She is an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Certified Cat and Dog Behavior Consultant, and Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She shares her RI home with her husband, two adopted cats, and adopted dog.