Ferrets: A Primer

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Instructor: Shannan Skitch

Course type: Webinar

Offering an understanding of ferrets and their behavior, this course shows you the fascinating world of mustelids. If you’re already working with ferrets at a shelter or as a consultant, or finding yourself in a multispecies home and want to know more about these fascinating pets, and the impact they might be having on the other animals in the house, this course is a must!

You will learn:

An understanding of what a ferret is, and how they came to live with us
To understand their basic needs, and some of the challenges faced when trying to meet those needs in a human-centric environment
About the intriguing research that has been done on ferret – human relationships, and address some of the challenges you may see when looking at ferret behaviour.

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There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Instructor: Shannan Skitch

Shannan Skitch has owned ferrets for over 23 years and has worked with them professionally for 15. She started at a ferret-specific rescue group, the Ferret Aid Society, in Toronto, and was one of the organizers of the International Ferret Congress (IFC) Canada 2006, a ferret-focused veterinary conference. Recognizing the need for more education within shelters for this special little animal, she organised Ferret First Aid, a training seminar for shelter volunteers to provide emergency first aid for ferret health emergencies. As a leader in her field, Shannan has been interviewed for both print and online media due to her unique expertise in working with ferrets.

While she has specialized with ferrets, Shannan’s experience extends beyond them, with a lengthy list of educational pursuits in learning and behavior. She has also been a volunteer on the behaviour team of the Etobicoke Humane Society in Toronto, has pursued TagTeach certification through level 1, and has worked with parrots, dogs, cats, and over 60 other species of animals as anything from caretaker, behavior consultant, to trainer.