Resolving Fear Issues in Horses: An Online Course for Equine Professionals

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Course Begins: Coming Soon

Duration: 6 weeks

Instructor: Lauren Fraser, MSc, CHBC

Course type: Instructed Course

Fear-based behaviors are common in horses and if left untreated they can become problematic. Chronic issues, such as needle and farrier phobias, can impact the horse’s health and performance, result in lost revenue and increased expenses for the owner, and creates a risk of serious injury to horses and humans.

At the end of this six-week course you should be able to:

recognize signs of arousal, and fear,
assess the underlying and immediate reasons for fear-based problem behaviors, and
apply effective, evidence-based protocols to manage and resolve them.
You will also develop skills for working with clients, including:

taking a good history,
creating client-friendly shaping plans, and
preparing useful handouts.

There are no required materials for this course.

This six-week course will begin on the specified start date. The first four weeks cover the following topics: equine body language; the expression of fear and anxiety; how biology, the environment, and experience contribute to fear-based behaviors; and behavior modification techniques for reducing fear and changing behavior. Weeks five and six of the course focus on the practical issues of working with clients and applying the information to real cases. Students will have access to the course material for 60 days after the course ends.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Full Student:


Member Cost: $339

Non- Member Cost: $409



Member Cost: $339

Non- Member Cost: $409

Instructor: Lauren Fraser, MSc, CHBC

Lauren Fraser, MSc, CHBC is a clinical animal behaviorist and an IAABC Certified Horse Behavior Consultant. She is also the organization’s Horse Chair and a member of the application review committee.

Lauren is an experienced horsewoman and has worked professionally with horses since 2006. Her MSc research examined the behaviour of horses subjected to forced ‘laying down’ during training. Lauren provides behavior consultations, both in-person and remotely, and offers educational events on horse behaviour and training.