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Darwin’s Ark Cancer Project &
IAABC Foundation

An cutting-edge, community science initiative

The Darwin’s Ark Cancer Project is an initiative of the Karlsson Labs at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, one of the most influential biomedical and genomic research centers in the world. 

The Cancer Project is an exciting and important new step for Darwin’s Ark; a stand-alone study to address this critical health problem that has affected the lives of so many pets as well as their owners. By studying cancer in dogs, the scientists aim to help both dogs and people survive cancer and live long, healthy lives. To join the Cancer Project community go to

Working in tandem with the scientists, the team at the IAABC Foundation has launched a support community Facebook Group. By doing so, we hope to provide a place where people can come to share stories and pictures of their dogs, find non-medical support, and learn expert information on current science, dogs, training, behavior, and enrichment from the professionals of both teams.

To join the Facebook support community, go here

This group is not a source of medical advice for your dog. While we will at times post research news and articles (from the project and from science news in general), only your veterinarian can help you navigate the sometimes scary and painful waters of cancer treatments for your dog.

The Darwin’s Ark Cancer Project FAQ has information for finding veterinarians in your area and other aspects that you may find helpful.

Everyone leading this group is a devoted pet owner and has been through the ups and downs of pet ownership. We are your people, and we love your dog!