Upcoming Events

Nov. 27-28, 2021

POUNCE! 2021

A two day virtual conference on cat behavior
Pounce is a two-day, virtual conference on the application, theory, and current research in cat behavior and training.

Professionals working with cats, dogs, in shelters, and in rescues will find rich resources on working effectively with the often-overlooked member of the household.

Pain and behavior, training and socialization, fostering, toileting, enrichment in colony cats, applied behavior analysis in work with cats, understanding factors that influence individuality and much more will be discussed by this expert group of presenters and researchers.


IAABC Member Cost: $150 *

Non- Member Cost: $170

February 11-13, 2022

The Lemonade Conference 3

An International Gathering of the Best in Dog Sports, Training and Behavior
We’re back for a third year and we’ve stepped it up again! This year we have 50+ presenters and *THREE* rooms running simultaneously throughout the conference from 7 a.m. PST ’til 8 p.m. PST! If you’re not available to attend live, no problem! All conference attendees will have access to a free “library” of presentations from the conference included in their registration fee (conference must be purchased before registration ends; videos are then available for at least a year in your library). Watch the recordings from the comfort of your living room in the months following the conference — always at your leisure.

We welcome you to join us and our talented group of presenters, to make new friends around the world. We have so much in common, and so much to learn from each other. We believe we’ll make some very tasty lemonade indeed!

CCPDT – 40.5 (Behavior); 4.5 (Training)
IAABC – 76.5
KPA – 81

IAABC Member Cost: 
Early Bird: $149
After January 5th: $199

Non- Member Cost:
Early Bird: $179
After January 5th: $229

Past Events

Nov. 13-14, 2021

Conducta 2021

Lo mejor en conducta y entrenamiento canino en español

Lo mejor en conducta y entrenamiento canino en español.

CONDUCTA 2021 presentó a entrenadores, veterinarios, otros profesionales y amantes de los perros dos días completos de conocimientos y actualización. Expertos de Argentina, Chile, España, Estados Unidos y México compartieron las experiencias de su trabajo diario y respondieron las preguntas del público sobre sus respectivas especialidades: diferentes tipos de agresión y sus tratamientos, el manejo amigable en la veterinaria, el trabajo con perros que conviven con bebés, la capacidad olfativa del perro eran solo algunos de los temas.


If you purchased this event, it can be accessed through “My Account” as long as your account is active (one or more purchases per year).

June 6th, 2021 — 1pm – 5:30pm EST

How Genetics Relate to Behavior: Uncovering the History of Dogs

Elinor Karlsson, PhD & Dr. Kathryn Lord
Do different breeds have different sensitive periods? What’s the biggest developmental difference between dogs and wolves? Did domestication happen? Once? More than once? Does a dog’s breed or mix, predict their personality or how they will behave? Elinor Karlsson and Kathryn Lord review the latest in dog genetics and how they relate to behavior. Together they’ll discuss the current findings in developmental periods, the concept of domestication, and where dogs are leading us in the discovery of genetics and behavior. In response to the many requests after The Lemonade Conference, this live event is suitable for anyone regardless of previous knowledge; for those who attended their Lemonade talks, and those who just wanted to!


If you purchased this event, it can be accessed through “My Account” as long as your account is active (one or more purchases per year).

May 7-9, 2021

The Lemonade Conference 2021

An International Gathering of the Best in Dog Sports, Training, and Behavior

The first Lemonade Conference was such a community-building experience that we had no choice but to do it again. We’re back with the Refill and it won’t disappoint. Once again, over 50 speakers, CEUs aplenty, and fantastic education. Scholarships are also back to continue helping our community in a time of need.

Two tracks, amazing content, in the comfort of your home – and access to the presentations for a minimum of 1 year. Still makin’ Lemonade out of these life-Lemons!

CEUs: ~250 possible (varies by organization – CCPDT, IAABC, KPA)

Speakers: 50+

Total Presentations: 54

May 23-25, 2020

The Lemonade Conference 2020

An International Gathering of the Best in Dog Sports, Training, and Behavior

In March of 2020, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA) faced a daunting challenge: How does one host an educational conference when COVID-19 is virtually guaranteed to risk the health and safety of participants? The answer is – you don’t. You cancel because that is the right thing to do. So you make the decision to cancel, and then you feel terrible. You’ve let people down, you’ve risked a ton of money, and all that work has been lost. But then you remember – you’re a trainer! It’s not about what we can’t do – it’s about what we can do! So you get up, brush yourself off, look around, and find a solution that fits the problem. You take those lemons, squeeze them, add some water, sugar, and a splash of attitude and you make … lemonade! And that is exactly what happened. Recognizing that our community needed something to look forward to, especially at a time when many of us are struggling for work, we looked for something we could do. After a night of non-stop brainstorming between IAABC and FDSA, we knew the answer was there within our reach. We could create an online conference with top-notch presenters, interactive opportunities, and a worldwide schedule to reach the largest number of people. We could offer generous scholarships to support our community in a time of need. We could combine the very best that our communities has to offer in the fields of dog behavior, training and dog sports – the best of the best!

CEUs: 30 (CCPDT); 40 (RACE); 81 (IAABC, KPA)

Speakers: 50+

Total Presentations: 54

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